We all love good things when we see them, don’t we? Examples of some of those good things that life has offered so far is, the ability to secure a very lucrative and high paying job that consume your time all day long.

Job Security is a perfect plan if you ask me but what is more superbly super and perfect is having to own and control the means of production. While on that job what is your exit STRATEGY?

As you engage Clients,customers, and prospects on a regular basis, what strategy have you put in place to get them to patronize you and stay with your product for quit a No. of years? And what exit strategy have you put in place and on ground in case your partners decide to cash out?

Every business is a perfect system hence, your exit strategy determines how Successful that business can be. Because exit serve as, the master building block for that business to stay strong through thick and thin.

My ADVICE: always have a contingency plan and an exit strategy for that business because the future of that business resides in your ability to disintegrate and re-integrate.

Let me know your thought.

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