Basic Truth About Money, Income And Wealth Creation

Today, i will be sharing on some truth about Money, income and wealth Creation.

Although this issue have been over flogged and like an already flogged subject matter so many entrepreneurs still find it difficult to control and maximize their finances.

It will interest you to know that Money and wealth creation answer to principles. This principles start with your value system. but what ever your system is, you can still apply this simple sense concepts.

1. Money is valueless if it couldn’t be used as a LEVER to create more time for you to do the things you desire(purpose)

2.Time is the true measure of WEALTH, why?
Because you make more MONEY but you can’t make more TIME.
Learn to trade Money for Money and not time for money.

3. If you have not multiplied what you earn and spend it, it will leave you poorer.

4. Wealth is a product of the mind. No amount of money will make you wealthy, the best you can achieve is financial independence.

5.The purpose of investment is not to create Assets, that can be acquired over time, the main purpose is to have income for life without working

6. 80% of all true wealth creation is pure psychology while 20% is Mechanics –your earning ability. (As a man thinks in his hearth so he is)
7. Knowledge that is not systematized cannot create income for you.

8. The big issue is not how much you earn, but you how much you retain, manage and multiply to create your desired passive income.

9. The main purpose of salary is not to take care of your living expenses but to create passive income that will take care of your living expenses.

10. There is no assumption to wealth creation. allow time to multiply your saving. Income is multiply by leverage.

Thank and keep stretching towards financial independence.

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