Image result for PRODUCTION OF CAR WASH SOLUTIONMany people might not know that it is not advisable to wash their cars with ordinary soap or detergent. It tends to weaken the paint on the car and subsequently leads to corrosion of the weakened parts. The best solution for washing cars is a specially formulated car washing solution. This single formula can change your financial status forever as the product is no longer enough to meet the ever increasing demand for it.

Same as in the production of liquid detergent above

Raw materials and their quantity
Antisol or parasol 1.5KG
Liquid Soda ash 100 GRAMS
Sulphoric acid 1.5 LITRES
Colourant AS DESIRED
Fragrance AS DESIRED
Water 23 LITRES
Formalin 30 MILI LITRES (MLS)
Texapoon 250 MLS

Soak the Antisol over night and stir till uniformly blended

Dissolve the soda ash in little quantity of water

Add the soda ash solution to the Antisol and continue stirring vigorously

Add the sulphuric acid, SLS and Texapoon to the mixture and continue stirring

Dissolve the colourant in the water and add the water to the mixture

Continue stirring until it blends smoothly

Package for the market

NB: Please this research is not a hook and gloom look to Powdery soap making hence it is subjected to more empirical research. Thus, for more info please feel free to inbox me and get more assistant.

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