harryThe reggae blues crooner recently spoke about his grand mother being his step to success.

songHarrysong posted a picture of himself and his grand mother and took to his social media site to appreciate the 74years old talking of how the granny sold her wrappers to pay his school fees and even for his studio sessions and still went on to say she still sold her wrapper to raise money for him to travel down to Lagos just before he met with Kcee and five star music what a touching story,

harrysong“Ya’ll say thank you to my grandmother. . I call her miloskey. .. The woman that sold wrappers for my school and studio sessions.. She has refused to come to lagos o.. So I have no choice than to always go and visit her o… Thank you so much for your love mama…

God bless you and keep for me.. stay strong #miloskey”


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