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    MUNACHI ABI:Exceptionally beautiful and sexy curvy and irresistibly attractive this former 2007 most beautiful girl in Nigeria has continued to stun many with her stunnig figure and increasingly pretty face but also with her blossoming music career not too many knew that she could string a line of rap together until 2011 when she came into her own after many years of collaboration with many artiste


    • munachi
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    LOLA RAE: uk based british Nigeria singer Racheal funmilola Garton is indeed one of the best things that happened to niajas female hip hop scene an incredibly gifted singer who turned down an invitation to x factor this beautiful goddess got many male eyes popping when she dropped her fimile video with kukere crooner inyanya her drop dead gorgeous figurev smooth flawless skin and face of a goddess plus her awesome voice all combined to make her a complete package no man can ignore


  • vnissiVNISSI:you may not have seen her face before now but you most probably may have heard her hit song on radio if you have then you will agree with me coming from a rookie in the industry the song is a classic club banger but beyond her vocal abilities and impressive stage craft vnissi is a sexy curvaceous babe with looks that can make a man go weak on his knees

  • ms jaie jaiMS JAIE:extremely and intensely seductive with every seductive vocals and enchanting body to with the package ms jaie will surely rock any mans world with her captivating personae and delivery on stage and lest we forget the Nigerian London based artiste has perharps the most vicious curves you could ever find on the Nigerian music scene for now

temi dollfaceTEMI DOLL FACE:this babe is fast becoming one of naijas fastest growing female acts within her short entry into the Nigerian music industry she has shown she is an intensely creative and talented songstress, catapulted to prominence by one of her best works pata pata the pretty sexy and gifted singer has proven to cynics that she is not going to end up certainly in a flash but beyond this shes also one of the few performers around who keep the men ogling at her whenever she is performing on stage, theres no denying it temi has got the body and poise to get the men lusting after her body after her when she performs


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