The Best President That Nigeria Never Had From The East: Engr.Onovo Martins

To many, Nigeria have no collective goal as an entity but surprisingly, also a some persons have been able to fine the other side of the Nigeria coin, the dream of collectivism and the need to celebrate our common uniqueness in our strength in unity in diversity.

Our guest this week THROUGH THE KEY HOLE might not be that popular as you all envisage but he is sure a right standing Nigeria in all ramification, a politician and a technocrat per excellence. A man whose dogmatism is centered on the New-Nigeria nothing more and nothing less.I know that you are itching already to know who this person is.  I guest at this point a quick introduction of our personality of the week THROUGH THE KEY HOLE will be a good way to get this ship sailing.

My guest this week is no other than, Chief Martin Onovo a presidential candidate who represented the National Conscience Party (NCP) during Nigerian last general election, 2015.

Born in 1969 in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria He attended Ekulu Primary School in Enugu, before he moved to National Grammar School, Nike also in Enugu state. After getting admission at University of Ibadan, he obtained B.Sc (Hons) in Petroleum Engineering in the year 1991. From 1992 to 1993, Chief Onovo worked with Shell Petroleum Development before he left to pursue higher education in the USA. In 1994, he also obtained his M.Sc in Petroleum Engineering at Houston, the United States of America. He has been a member of the Institute of Transport Administration, Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE) as well as Emupo Development Union. In 2011, he was the presidential candidate of Action Alliance (AA), In 2015,presidential candidate of National Conscience Party(NCP) and a public affairs analyst.

He is the head of the Movement for Fundamental Change and many of his followers describe him as a simple, calm and calculative man. He is also one of the very few whose opinion is worth gold in the country. No wonder in the last general elections, Engr. Martin Onovo (MNSE) was ranked one of the most brilliant professionals in Nigeria Election debates.

Though, engineers are very conservative when it comes to fashion and are rarely counted amongst ‘fashionistas’, Onovo has an attractive style of his own. His style shows he is always in his comfort zone.

He once agreed he loves his perfectly tailored suit to fit his frame without flaws.  And he adores his Igbo traditional attire. He is a red cap chief and wearing traditional dress comes natural to him. His well groomed hair and mustache are his style identify. You will agree, it is hard to see a middle aged whose mustache fits so well.

Speaking on fashion, he said, “I like fashion because it enables us to dress appropriately for different situations and events. I stay with fashion by reading articles on fashion and style like the style page of Saturday Independent. I watch fashion programmes on television and I also read fashion catalogues and copy designs that I find brilliant and functional.”

He also likes jewelry. Rings and cuff-links are his favorite. He said each of his rings has a distinct value. He may not have a fashion to die for, but you cannot stop staring when he steps out at any event.

Now i guest before now, you never know that this man believe so much in the Nigeria future more than anything that you can imagine that he even said that, His belief is that he is the right man to solve the myriads of problem facing the country and common goal.

Onovo political ambition is way above the conventional approach of getting the job done.He’s not just a man with a clear vision and direction for the new Nigeria but he is also a proud Nigeria. We are of the opinion that,the present Nigeria Government should engage some of his ideas in changing Nigeria for good.

N.B Please nobody should get us wrong, this is not a political platform for campaigns hence we are not paid to write and publish this article. What we do on this platform is to expose to Nigerians and the world at large a path way to our National development by showing Readers the other side of the personality that they think they know.







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