This week we will be doing a little comparative analysis and try as much as we can to create a balance and the missing link between developed countries and under developed countries and at the end we will leave the ball to be in your court to decide the modus oparandi of the New Nigeria and also use our analysis to chat the New course that the Nigeria state most follow.

Our comparative navigation is taking us straight to the the Asian Tigers China. In case you don’t know,China is the richest Asian country with world ranking number one (1). China US$ 18.976 trillion (up 93.1% from 2008). In addition, China’s GDP is rapidly growing, the Chinese believe that the key to a better economy is to keep pushing ahead with innovation, as human efforts are becoming a less considerable tools or mechanism for getting jobs done as it has been conventionally.

Today, there has been a a meticulous shift from the ancient, a thin line pass the medieval to the modern day of technology in China. Chinese has shifted it developing mode from relying on its labor and population advantage to high tech economy which is indeed what china government are working on as well. For a large number of Chinese citizens are majorly expert in one technological field or the other using technology for their day to day business activities and almost all technologies use in china are indigenous innovation from the Chinese people.

Majority of the Chinese work force, traders and independent entrepreneurs are IT incline because it has become a standard in terms of doing business in china. The world is going machinery and everything is becoming technological enabled hence, less developed countries are still yet to adopt this system.

Chinese innovation in terms of technology has become a must use for many countries across the world, they have their product almost everywhere and nearly in all homes and they are never relaxing in terms of bringing in new innovation to the market. This is why china may continue to dominate the scene as the richest country in Asian and also continually rank the number one (1) richest economy in the world.

This is a wake up call to the Nigerian government for the need to rise up and revitalize our common National Development, for our economy to grow beyound its static state, for countries like china can be emulated as regarding the nation building.

We should learn from their challenges, their opportunities and identify, with the solutions they came up with or advocate for in other to make similar opportunities an advantage for growing our economy.

Now lets cogitate together,what do you think if Nigeria start now to chat a new paste for her internal technological advancements.How secure will our future be. YOUR VIEWS LET THEM COUNT ON THIS PLATFORM.

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