For the last couple of months now, we have been on the campaign of motivating Nigerians especially young Nigerians and acquaint them with modern trend on how to make money and live the happy life thereafter. To Nation Development organization (Entrepreneurship Corner), making money is a necessary factor to National Development.

And for the first time, our team of experts led by our amiable General Manager Ekmah Godwin Wealth and our Columnist Godwin Sunday took the battle to the field where we were able to meet and empower some young Nigerians on the need to be independent Webopreneurs.

It is important to note here that this activity is born out of the need to bridge the unemployment gap in the Nation and contribute our token to the over all good of the Nigeria state. Hence, we don’t just write to show people the different ways of making money but rather we are taking additional step to DSC_2140also show people the physically practical steps involved and we hope to carry out this vision to every nook and crannies of our dear nation.

The event which took place recently saw the likes of Emmanuel O.K (Website Facilitator) and also the likes of Psings(A popular Artist) and many others. And a lot of take home benefits where also given out by Nation Development Organization Crew.

Quickly please, lets ponder on this together, just imagine that the average Nigerian youth is financially self sufficient and independent and that, this same youths total 40% of the Nigeria population,what will that amount into?  well you guest is as good as mine. As we can only imagine the explosive economical growth this will in turn spell out for the nation’s economy.

As we all know that the journey of a million miles start with a step, moving is the first step and positive impact is the next step. Here at Nation Development Organization we, have taken that first step. And we will not stop until our impact is being felt and the average Nigerian is empowered and can proudly say, I LOVE NIGERIA!!

And lastly, we want to use this platform to thank the entire Staff and Management of Nation Development Organization for this initiative and all our participants. We say a very big happy Independence


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