We have had course to interact with a lot of students about their financial state and most often than none a lot of them always complain of being broke consistently and it makes me want to wonder if poverty and being broke is part of an educational syllabus of tertiary institutions especially in Nigeria. We have had occasions recently to ponder if educational bareness of the black race can be intrinsically linked to the level of financial retrogressiveness of students on campus or the lack of financial education in our tertiary institutions.

Base on my research, i have discovered that students in tertiary institution, tend to be faced with so many challenges, ranging from tuition fee, hostel fee and other fee. Let me not even speak about those ones now, because as students, you most pay for those ones once in a year but, Do you Know that the money you use in Feeding and buying Materials is even more greater then the amount you spend for school fees and other fees and obviously, they are the ones that tend to consume more cash.
What are the challenges that students are faced with ?
Nigeria students are faced with numerous challenges but we will try as much as we can to list the most pressing of the numerous challenges in campus of tertiary institutions and they are :                                                                         -Feeding
-Departmental dues
-Hostel Dues
-Faculty dues…. Etc

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON CAMPUS                                                                                                                                   Now here are some of the ways in which students can really and actually make some cool money in and outside campus (N.B. Please note that this ideas are only few and does not limit your business scope and adventures in School).

1. Photography: The Photography business has grown from its state in the days to a renowned profession which people are making a fortune out of. Starting this business in small scale means you are not just making money at the moment but securing a strong financial future for yourself. You know how students especially the female folks love taking pictures, this is the perfect time to make maximum use of this opportunity. you don’t need much to start, just save a little money for a good camera, with a bit of creativity and you’re good to go. Please note that doing photography professionally requires just more than the previous requirements mentioned but this should be enough to get you started. you can also take passport photographs during school registrations.

2. Sale of Fashion Items: Interesting thing about this business is that you’d succeed no matter your gender. Both male and female wears rocks on Nigerian campuses and who else will succeed more if not their fellow students. I know of a guy who is living comfortably and paying school fees only by selling men under-wears, yes, Just men under wears, most of the times he travels out to the region where these boxer shorts are at a very low prize, buys them and bring them to his school. He sells these boxer shorts for virtually everybody in his region ranging from his lecturers down to his fellow students. I don’t want to go into details on how much these things cost, but its best you do your home work.

3. T-Shirt Customization: This business requires your creativity as a student. looking around you, you’ll notice students love fancy and funky stuffs. learning the art of this business means you’ll have fellow students begging you to collect their money for a t-shirt write up. You can learn this simple business during your stay at home/holiday. You can start in small scale by doing the write ups on your own T-shirt, friends will like it and ask you to even do for them. Just start something. Remember the “My Oga at the Top Saga”? you see those custom t-shirts? Need i say more? – See more at:

4. Online Registration: Yes, if you have a laptop and a bit of computer knowledge, i don’t know what stops you from enjoying both the pleasure and money derived from this Job. you can register virtually everything online. Course Registration, Post-UTME Registration, JAMB Registration, Job Application, etc. You can even make extra cash from typing assignments and projects for fellow students. Do i also need to tell you the thousands of Naira made during post UTME registrations? All the tools you need to make good money are all around you, you Just need to identify one and work your way through it. –

5. Website Design/Hosting: I’ll be a bit biased on this one because that’s what i do currently and don’t know if its suitable for students or not. But i can authoritatively tell you students are taping into the hidden money from this lucrative business. It may take a while to learn the entire concept of how this things work but its something you can easily do while you are home for holidays. Website Design may sound a bit complex so you might want to manage the little you get from setting up blogs for fellow students. This write up may not make sense to you because you don’t know a thing about website design, its why i’ll advice you to learn under anybody who is established in it already. Look around your campus, there are students who do well comfortably with this business, it wouldn’t hurt much to meet them to put you through.

Below are the other 10 tips which have been tested and confirmed.

–Starting up Tutorials : If are capable of teaching, you can earn teaching you classmates and those below you in class.




-Helping with respect to online assignments: I know of people that make huge from this.
–Bulk Sms : You have various Fellowships in your school.Don’t you know you can make money selling units to them ?-Opening a café |(This involves much capital though)

–Selling Textbooks to people.

–Opening up a canteen and employing people to work there for you

–Going into Political stuffs (These one is sure making sense, eg, hall governor, SUG, Ex-cos, etc)


It is intellectual to conclude here that, although there is no part in our tertiary syllabus that actually teach students on how to make money and be wealthy while in school but putting this ideas into practical use can definitely translate into money in your pocket. Making money is not a rocket science and the ideas listed above most be meticulously put to use. Guys lets get to work or remain broke while in school.

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