The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has announced the release of the May/June 2015 results

Finally,the long awaited (WAEC) result has been let off the hook despite a cross section of panic that hit the front pages of different media last week of (WAEC) not going to release her result because of state internal debt to the examination body.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, the Head of National Office (HNO), Mr Charles Eguridu said that a total of 1,605,248 candidates registered for the May/June examination while 1,593,442 sat for the exam.
He said that 864,096 of the candidates were males while 729,346 candidates were females.

In a breakdown of the results, a total of 1,498,069 candidates representing 94.01% have their results fully released while 95,373 candidates representing 5.99% have a few of their subjects still being processed due to some errors traceable to candidates and schools.
758,849 candidates representing 47.62% obtained six credits and above while 949,862 candidates representing 59.61% obtained five credits and above.

A total of 1,114,988 candidates representing 69.97% obtained credits and above in four subjects and about 1,295,915 candidates representing 78.81% obtained credits and above in three subjects.

The results of 118,101 candidates, representing 7.41% are being withheld in connection with various cases of examination malpractice.
Eguridu said the cases are being investigated and reports of the investigations will be presented to the Nigerian Examinations Committee (NEC).

The HNO added that there was an increase in the performance of candidates when compared with the results of 2013 and 2014 examinations as 616,370 candidates, representing 38.68% obtained credits in five subjects and above including English Language and Mathematics.

Speaking on the performance of blind candidates, Mr. Eguridu said that out of 109 blind candidates that registered and sat for the examination, 20 of them, representing 18.34% obtained credit in 5 subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.

He further stated that candidates will be able to check their results on the Council’s website within the next 24 hours.

On the states that are owing the council, the WAEC boss said that a few of the debtor states responded by paying their debts fully or partially while a few others made promises, indicating their willingness to pay as soon as they are able to do so.

He stated that the results of debtor-States’ candidates would be released if such States endeavor to produce bank guarantees (APGs), so that the Council will be assured that the fees will be paid.

This decision, he said, is in appreciation of the general prevailing economic challenges in the country and in order not to jeopardize the educational careers of the candidates of the indebted states.

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