Pedestrian cheats death by 20 seconds when Range Rover obliterates London bus stop

Photo Credit To Evening Standard

EXCLUSIVE: astonishing near miss for pedestrian on Kingsland High Street

This is the astonishing moment a pedestrian escaped almost certain death by seconds when a Range Rover sped onto the pavement in east London before crashing into a lamppost.

CCTV cameras captured the shocking scene as the £40,000 car wiped out a bollard and a bus stop – where the man had been standing moments earlier – before ploughing head-on into the lamppost.

The Range Rover Evoque had been attempting a risky overtaking manoeuvre in Kingsland High Street, Dalston, when it was forced to swerve towards the curb on Saturday morning.

The white 4×4 was attempting to pass a black car on the wrong side of the road, just as the other vehicle was beginning to make a right turn.

The dramatic footage begins with the pedestrian standing at the stop less than 20 seconds before the crash, after getting off a double-decker.

The man – believed to be a local who frequently shops nearby – appears to consult the timetable as if deciding whether to wait for another bus.

Luckily he opts to continue his journey on foot and walks away, almost certainly escaping serious injury. Just an hour earlier, a pedestrian died after being hit by a van a mile away on the same road.

The crash happened just after 6am on Saturday morning outside Harvest, London’s largest independent organic and health food store, in Kingsland High Street.

There were several passengers in the car but miraculously no-one was injured, though passers-by were forced to prise open the driver’s door.

Lucky escape: A man stands at the bus stop less than 20 seconds before it it wiped out

A man thought to be the driver, who wears a vest, is then seen walking out of shot away from the vehicle.

A cyclist who witnessed the incident said: “Two cars were driving side by side, one completely lost control and smashed into a lamppost.

“[The] car swerved across the street. Was on my bike, would have been brown bread if I was 30 seconds earlier!

“Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Abandoned: Emergency services at the scene after the crash

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called by LAS on Saturday, August 1, at approximately 6.04am to Kingsland High Street, to reports of a collision involving two vehicles.

“Officers attended, the driver of one of the vehicles had left prior to police arrival

“No one was injured. Enquiries were being made to trace the driver.”

Post source : Evening Standard

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